We started this campaign to change our broken politics – to put service above petty partisanship, take on the corrosive influence of money in our politics, and make this a more equal and just country.  

The primary did not turn out the way we had hoped. I'm disappointed. I can understand if you're disappointed as well.

As disappointed as I am today, I am also hopeful. Delaware took an important step in this primary. My expectation is that, come January, when my daughter and I talk about the decisions our president and representative in Congress are making, we will be talking in both instances about the decisions “she” is making. My daughter will grow up in a state and a country where she will know that she can go as far as her talent, her drive, and her idealism can take her.

I remain realistic about how far we still have to go. The influence of money in our politics remains a serious problem. Too much of this campaign centered around the money that the candidates could bring to bear to influence the outcome. Because of the money it takes to run for office today, the majority of those serving in Congress are millionaires. Congress today is not the representative body it should be.

I am incredibly proud today of the campaign we ran together. We were outspent but never outworked. We garnered the most grassroots fundraising support. We offered the voters a positive and progressive agenda for change, including detailed plans to change the way we finance our elections, strengthen voting rights, address gun violence, advance LGBT equality, and broaden economic opportunity. We were supported by an incredibly energetic and committed group of volunteers who poured their hearts into a shared effort to change our state and country for the better.

I am confident that our state and our country are better as a result of this campaign, and that the issues we raised will resonate not only in this election but in the years ahead.

These are real accomplishments, even if the end result wasn't what we hoped for.

I am deeply grateful for all the supporters, contributors, and volunteers who made this campaign possible. Thank you for stuffing envelopes, calling voters, knocking on doors, putting up signs, and coming to our events. Thank you to the 12,000 Delawareans who voted for us. Finally, thank you to my family who kept me smiling through the ups and downs of this campaign.

Now, as a private citizen, I will continue to serve my community, my state, and my country.

Thank you all so much.